We can provide support at every stage of your development.

From site inspections, right through to final air testing and certification.

Our wealth of experience enables us to guide you towards compliance during your Final Air Tightness Test.

How can we do this?

On Site inspections – We visit site at different stages of Construction to advise on Air Barrier functionality and Air Sealing. This included detailed Reports as well as on-site guidance.

Preliminary Air Tightness Testing  – Sample Air Testing is carried out to identify any key areas of Air Leakage. This may include temporary sealing to show indicative result levels once building works are completed.

Final Air Tightness Testing – Demonstration of Compliance to Part L, Report and Certification.


Just had a Final Test and it Failed?

So, you did not have any Consultancy throughout the build, then failed the Air Test?

Not to worry, we can find where your building is failing, show you with the use of Smoke, and advise you on Sealing Methods to help you to achieve your Compliance with Part L.